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Happy Birthday to the Blue Point in Duck, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 07/9/09 @ 3:49 pm

Only one more year and you’ll be legal!
Rex and I received an e-mail invitation to join the Blue Point, one of our two favorite restaurants in Duck, North Carolina, for a glass of champagne in celebration of their 20th birthday.  We’re spending the rest of the summer between our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, and [...]

Roxy’s Birthday Dinner at Elizabeth’s Café and Winery in Duck, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 10/12/08 @ 8:02 am

We’re here for our third night in Duck, North Carolina, and have enjoyed all of our three very different dinners. On Thursday night, we went to the Blue Point. Last night, we went a bit more casual with four dozen steamed clams for my Jedi clam-eaters at the Sunset Grille, another two dozen steamed “middlenecks” [...]

Don’t Miss the Point… the Blue Point in Duck, North Carolina, That Is…

By: Roxy on 10/9/08 @ 9:22 pm

Rex, London, Maddie and I just finished an amazing dinner at the Blue Point in Duck, North Carolina.  I am too exhausted from driving all day to write all about it and to upload my photos of the beautiful food, but trust me that it is terrific and that I will tell all within the [...]

Sunday Evening at the North Banks Restaurant and Raw Bar in Corolla, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 10/6/08 @ 10:43 am

Rex has been good about making all of our dinner reservations according to the recommendations I’ve posted here, but we’ve got one more night for dinner in the Outer Banks.  Brent’s friend Stacy has offered up the North Banks Restaurant and Raw Bar in Corolla, North Carolina, for fresh local fish, whole Maine lobster, steamed seafood combos and more… we just [...]

Vinegar vs. Tomato: A Lunchtime Treat at High Cotton BBQ in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 09/29/08 @ 12:31 am

Cindy Price of The New York Times (36 Hours in Duck, NC, July 2005) wants to “get something straight. Barbecue is a noun in North Carolina, not a verb. More important, the sauce base in eastern North Carolina is vinegar, not tomato. Don’t use too much, though — Will Thorp, owner of High Cotton BBQ, likens [...]

Wastin’ Away Again in Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffett Karaoke at the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar in Duck, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 09/28/08 @ 11:52 pm

In her 36 Hours article (New York Times, July 2005), Cindy Price suggests that Rex and I rock the house with Jimmy Buffett Karaoke at the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar in Duck, North Carolina.  While London and Maddie are more likely than their parents to take over the mikes, I’ve had trouble in the past getting them [...]

Dinner Reservations at the Blue Point Bar & Grill in Duck, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 09/26/08 @ 11:41 pm

For our second night in town, Cindy Price in the New York Times recommends the Blue Point Bar & Grill:  “Any restaurant that tries to marry progressive philosophy with old-school Southern comfort food is usually worth a gamble. The Blue Point may look like an upscale Johnny Rockets, but the food is as serious as it [...]

Reservations for Dinner at Elizabeth’s Cafe and Winery in Duck, North Carolina

By: Roxy on 09/26/08 @ 10:41 pm

As our trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina gets closer, Rex and I are starting to firm up some of our plans, with a little help from 36 Hours in Duck, NC from The New York Times and our friend and colleague, Brent, who spent a bit of time there while growing up [...]